Home Party with Hibachi Private Chefs

A Delightful Hibachi Home Party Experience with Awesome Hibachi

The concept of hibachi home party has revolutionized the dining experience by bringing the unique flavors and entertaining cooking style of hibachi right to your doorstep. Hibachi, originating from Japan, involves cooking food on a hot iron grill, often accompanied by a theatrical performance from the chef. This combination of delicious food and captivating cooking methods has made hibachi a popular choice for special occasions and gatherings.

Bringing Hibachi to Your Backyard

Awesome Hibachi offers an exciting mobile hibachi experience that brings restaurant-quality hibachi right to your backyard. Serving areas such as New York City, Long Island, and Upstate New York, they provide a personalized and entertaining dining adventure. Their professional chefs are not just skilled in hibachi cooking but also adept at infusing humor and showmanship into their service.

The availability of Awesome Hibachi's services extends across several states, including New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, and Connecticut. This extensive coverage ensures that more people can enjoy the unique hibachi experience, no matter where they are located.

Chefs that Entertain and Delight

Each chef at Awesome Hibachi is selected based on their location and ability to create a memorable dining experience. In the New York City area, Chef Sakeke is renowned for his ability to mix delightful humor with his culinary skills, ensuring a dining adventure that guests will not soon forget. Chef Adam, also serving New York City, is known for his precision and flavor, making each meal a memorable one.

In Long Island, Chef Gary stands out as a talented culinary artist who ensures a delightful and entertaining performance. Chef Steve combines his cooking skills with a lighthearted personality, providing an unforgettable journey through the flavors of hibachi.

Upstate New York is home to Chef Jason, who brings laughter and flavor to every event, and Chef Ice, who crafts mouthwatering dishes with expertise and flair. Each of these chefs ensures that guests not only enjoy their meals but also have a fun and engaging experience.

How the Hibachi Experience Works

Booking a hibachi home party with Awesome Hibachi is a straightforward process. Reservations can be made online through their website. After booking, a party specialist contacts the host to finalize the food selection, ensuring that each guest's preferences are taken into account.

Hosts need to provide tables, chairs, plates, and utensils. The chef brings the grill, food, and propane, arriving before the event to set up and prepare for the party. This setup allows guests to sit back and enjoy the show as the chef cooks their meal right in front of them.

Menu and Pricing

The menu offered by Awesome Hibachi is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. The base rate is $50 per adult and $25 per child under 13, with a minimum spend of $500 per event. Each guest can customize their meal, starting with a side salad, hibachi vegetables, fried rice, and two protein choices.

Protein options include chicken, scallops, filet mignon, steak, salmon, lobster tail, shrimp, and tofu. Additional side orders and appetizers are available for an extra cost, allowing guests to further tailor their dining experience.

A Personalized and Memorable Dining Adventure

Awesome Hibachi's mobile hibachi service brings the joy and excitement of hibachi cooking to any location. Whether hosting a small family gathering or a large celebration, the chefs ensure that each event is personalized and memorable. The combination of delicious food, engaging performances, and the convenience of having it all brought to your home makes for an unparalleled dining experience.

With the ability to choose chefs based on location and their entertaining styles, guests are guaranteed a fun and flavorful event. The professional and humorous chefs transform an ordinary meal into a delightful hibachi home party, making it a perfect choice for any special occasion. 

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